Working Papers:

  • Cosmopolitan Leaders And The Illusion Of Cosmopolitan Peace
  • Under False Flag: Motivated Reasoning and the Believability of Disinformation in International Conflict

Anger Management: the reassuring and backfire effects of elite foreign policy cues

Work in Progress:

  • Concentrate or Disperse? resource allocation in great power competition
  • Analogical Reasoning as Confirmation Bias: a study of the Soviet Collapse Analogy
  • The manipulation of uncertainty: does “leave something to chance” really work?
  • You are being paranoid: the effect of gaslighting on the threat perception of foreign audience.

Other Projects:

Predicting Terrorist and Insurgent Violence with Machine Learning: Division-Month Data for Pakistan

Authoritarian Hawks in China: Ideological and dispositional roots of individual foreign policy preferences, 2017


Does female integration in military reduce sexual violence? a natural experiment in Soviet-Occupied Berlin. With Cathryn Grothe, 2017