Policy Publications and Media Apparency

Policy Reports and Selected Op-Eds:

“China’s Foreign Policy Experiment in South Sudan – Africa Report N°288”, International Crisis Group, 10 July 2017, https://www.crisisgroup.org/africa/horn-africa/south-sudan/288-china-s-foreign-policy-experiment-south-sudan

“East China Sea: Preventing Clashes from Becoming Crises – Asia Report N°280”, International Crisis Group, 30 June 2016. http://www.crisisgroup.org/~/media/Files/asia/north-east-asia/280-east-china-sea-preventing-clashes-from-becoming-crises.pdf.

Feng Zhang and Xunchao Zhang, “Common Sino-US Understanding”, Australian Institute of International Affairs, September 24, 2015 http://www.internationalaffairs.org.au/australian_outlook/common-sino-us-understanding/

“Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: A test of Sino-US relations, Australian Outlook-Australian Institute of International Affairs, September 24, 2015,http://www.internationalaffairs.org.au/australian_outlook/aiib-a-test-of-sino-us-relations/

“China and Japan: It’s Not about History.” Australian Outlook-Australian Institute of International Affairs, September 15, 2015, http://www.internationalaffairs.org.au/australian_outlook/china-and-japan-its-not-about-history/

“Becoming a Maritime Power? – The First Chinese Base in the Indian Ocean.” In Chinese Military Strategy: a CIMSEC Compendium, Center for International Maritime Security, Washington DC. August 8, 2015, http://cimsec.org/becoming-a-maritime-power-the-first-chinese-base-in-the-indian-ocean/18200

“Hostage crisis wasn’t Japan’s 9/11.” The Strategist, The Australian Strategic Policy Institute. February 11, 2015, http://www.aspistrategist.org.au/hostage-crisis-wasnt-japans-911/

“A U.S.-China War in Asia: Could America Win by Blockade?.” The National Interest, November 25, 2014, http://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/us-china-war-asia-could-america-win-by-blockade-11733.

Selected Chinese language Publications

“Three Perspectives on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine in the United States”, 复旦中美互信计划Sino-US Trust Building Initiative, Fudan University. https://fddi.fudan.edu.cn/a0/72/c21253a434290/page.htm

“The Ukraine Shock: Could Economic Cost Prevent War?”, 澎湃ThePaper, 26 February, 2022, https://m.thepaper.cn/newsDetail_forward_16858927

“Australian Foreign Policy in a Changing Asia-Pacific: choice between US and China or independent foreign policy”, 澎湃ThePaper, 28 March, 2017. http://www.thepaper.cn/newsDetail_forward_1649071

Zhang, Xunchao. “How the Brexit Vote Was Lost? What are the implications?”, 澎湃ThePaper, 30 June, 2016. http://www.thepaper.cn/newsDetail_forward_1489908

Select Media Appearance:

Live interview discussing the U.S.-China meeting in Alaska on March 18 and 19 of 2021, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xoytAFBECo&ab_channel=CGTNAmerica