I am a researcher of international relations, interested in the domestic sources of the international conflict, as well as the psychology of war. In particular, I am interested in developing theories that model conflict as a consumption good. I also study the application of experimental methods in political science, especially experiment designs based on formal model and designs that explore causal mechanisms. I am a Ph. D. student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Political Science Department.

Currently, I am working on projects exploring the role of counter-empathy (the enjoyment of adversary harm and displeasure with other nation’s success) in the contexts of security bargaining and power transition.

Previously, I was an analyst at the Program on Political Violence, Chicago Project on Security and Threat, the University of Chicago. I have also worked on a number of independent and team research projects at the International Crisis Group (ICG), the Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA), the Sea Power Center – Royal Australian Navy. In addition, I have been an op-ed contributor to the The National Interest Website, Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Strategist, and Shanghai-based